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Gemma Stirrup Interview

Why recruitment and what is it about recruitment you like?

"I never made a conscious decision to be a recruiter. After I graduated I was attracted to the bright lights of London – the recruitment business I joined offered a fast track career and the people working there were competitive, confident and ambitious. I fell in love with the variety of businesses you encounter in recruitment; every role offers its challenges and seeing some of the people who I have recruited ultimately become Directors and Leaders is very rewarding."


Why Chase and Holland Recruitment? 

"Simple: Chase and Holland believe in their employees and trust them to do the job. They offer true flexibility and freedom to make your own decisions and in return they get ultimate loyalty and trust."


What are the biggest challenges of being a Manager at Chase and Holland?

"The market right now is very buoyant so our challenge is developing our sourcing strategy to ensure we connect with people as they start to consider their career opportunities as well as those who are actively looking. Assessing their motivation to leave accurately and ensuring our clients react quickly with a considered engagement strategy are key to success."


What do you look for from your team and new recruits?

"People who are approachable and likeable, who are ambitious but want to be part of a team and want to develop a great business committed to high standards of service."


So what is your average day?

"Unpredictable. Sometimes great, sometimes brutally disappointing."


Do you have time to do anything other than work?

"Yes my life is very busy generally. I have two children and am fortunate enough to have a big family and friends in the local area. I also like running and to be outdoors and in winter I like to go skiing as much as time and money will allow. I work hard but I work to live otherwise what’s the point."


What makes you successful?

"I never give up. Even when things are not going my way; I am determined to succeed. I also believe true success comes by working and thinking as a team not in isolation."



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