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10 years in and 10 things you might not know about Chase and Holland Recruitment

10 years in and 10 things you might not know about Chase and Holland Recruitment

1.       Despite what some may think or say there is no Mr or Mrs Chase and never has been it was just a name that was selected as it seemed to go well with Holland. In fact a client once phoned up claiming to know Mr Chase very well.

2.       The business opened its doors in April 2007 but was actually created in January 2007 and was not originally going to be launched until 2008.

3.       Chase and Holland have registered over 20,000 candidates for Finance alone and have access to over ½ million candidates.

4.       The average employee at Chase and Holland has been with the business for over 4 years and has consumed nearly 2000 hot drinks.

5.       Every Wednesday the whole business sits down to have lunch together and catch up on any news and current business agenda.

6.       As a team we have run, cycled and walked over 1000km’s in the last 4 years and raised over £10,000 for charity.

7.       The tuck shop at Chase and Holland sells (all proceeds go to charity) on average 1200 bags of crisps per year this is despite the fact that the average person at Chase and Holland spends over 5.5 hours exercising per week.

8.       The team actually includes semi professional sports people, an ex ballet dancer, secret novelist, qualified ski instructor, trained masseuse, UK champion line dancer, black belt in karate and a kickboxer.

9.       If we printed off all the CV’s we have stored you could lay a trail from our Head office which would extend 13.2 miles, thankfully we are able to work electronically.

10.     The Chase and Holland mascot is an inflatable seagull