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“How is 2016 in the recruitment market and at Chase and Holland so far this year” are questions I seem to answer on a regular basis. The short answer is I have not had time to think or write my blog so hopefully this gives some indication.

In brief at Chase and Holland we have increased headcount over the last 3 months by 4 people, are in the process of launching Supply Chain, implementing a full move to cloud based software and are in the throws of purchasing another office to cope with growth planned for 2016/17.

So what does this all mean with a back drop of unclear predictions of how the economy will do in 2016 (although most conclude it will be growth rather than not) and inevitability of an increase in interest rates (all be it gradually between now and 2020)?

I have a theory which is if you continue to be the best in your sector at what you do and continue to seek better solutions and offerings whilst keeping prices sensible, you will succeed regardless of the backdrop (within reason). At Chase and Holland we made a decision which I have banged on about a number of times to ignore what others do and just constantly look for the best solutions and strive to be the best in our chosen markets. This has actually resulted in us attracting some of the best people in the industry to come and work for us and in February after much hard work and passion for what we do the Chase and Holland team have had an all-time record which is on the back of great results for a number of months.

Does this mean it is easy from this point? Again I refer to previous blogs it is not about standing still if you want to be the best you will constantly be looking for opportunities to improve your internal and external environment. Over the course of the last 3 months we have opted to change our structure, improve staff benefits and implement a software system (going live in April) which will allow us to offer a faster and better service than I believe anyone in our market place.

So in summary to the original question I think those businesses looking to be the best in class and continue to evolve will make the most of what is currently a buoyant recruitment market. If you are looking to either join what we believe to be the best team in our area, or are looking to work with a genuinely service driven business to find a new recruit or job in the either Accountancy, HR or Supply Chain please call us on 01246-555880 or email us at