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So, a difficult subject I think to talk about just now as a business is the out vote by the UK from the European Union. However it does seem to be a subject everyone has a strong view on and social media has gone crazy with everything from angry rants to comedy or intelligent observations.

So am I about to give you my opinion or tell you I have the answers? In a word, No. Like most people I don’t know what lies ahead for us all but I do know a couple of things that make me feel comfortable that we will be ok.

As a nation we are resilient, resourceful, hardworking, entrepreneurial and have a track record of getting through whatever has been thrown at us to date. It is with this in mind that I think whatever the result had been last week as a country we will be able to prosper and find the best path through, what may involve a little pain, the changes. In fact, I suspect given time we will find a way to take advantage of the benefits as much as we overcome the disadvantages of being an independent nation again.

It is far too early to say how it has impacted our recruitment market but no changes to report yet and I get the impression from clients that most are working to a plan of business as usual. So in summary it would still appear to be a job rich, candidate short market in most of our chosen areas of expertise. I can’t see this position changing anytime soon and certainly would not expect to see a sudden change.

It is with this in mind that we find ourselves at Chase and Holland Recruitment continuing with the development of our Supply Chain specialism which is going well and we are now looking for a further 2 recruiters to join the teams in our Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region and North Midlands region. Clearly this demonstrates that certainly at Chase and Holland we are confident that remaining focussed and driven to provide the best service in the market will win through regardless of changes in the market. I guess what I am saying is we are a British company who is passionate about finding solution for both ourselves and our clients no matter what changes are thrown in our path.