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Weston Park Beyond the treatment

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Weston Park Beyond the treatment. – By Claire Siddall

 When Chase and Holland were invited by Weston Park Cancer Care to an open evening to see how funds are used to support Weston Park Hospital and all cancer sufferers how could we possibly refuse.

The first stop on our whistlestop tour was the information and support centre, a building in the grounds of Weston Park where anyone affect by cancer can go for advice and support.

They offer advice on the many aspects associated with a cancer diagnosis to sufferers, family and friends or just a comforting chat. They also give complimentary therapy such as make up tutorials, massage, auricular acupuncture and many other treatments.  For those wanting to give back they have coffee clubs that involve creating goods that can be sold around the hospital or in the community. They offer a holistic approach to help the person, friends and family to deal with the diagnosis in the best possible way for them and offer an invaluable service in supporting the person mentally and physically through the long road ahead.

Next, we were taken to the Chemo treatment and research area of the hospital to see a much improved and enlarged facility capable of treating more people within a day. This area was warmly decorated and had entertainment facilities in an attempt to make time spent here pass more quickly and pleasantly and was a vast improvement to the previous facilities. In this area they also carry out research in the constant battle for a better treatment and have been successful as a recent treatment for cancer, called Herceptin better known as Trastuzumab was discovered here.

Lastly in this amazing tour was a trip downstairs to the underground ward which houses the radiotherapy machines, each machine costing £2 million and looking like something from a transformer movie with remote controls and lasers, and like nothing I have ever witnessed before. Believe me a very strange experience to be standing in front of this beast of a machine that can treat patients with pinpoint accuracy. 

Being in this ward really brings home the cost of cancer not just the financial costs that are beyond certainly my comprehension but the physical and mental cost as we witness a gentleman getting to the end of his treatment and ringing the bell at the end of the ward to a rapturous round of applause leaving the ward beaming from ear to ear, (and I have to say a tear in my eye).

We rely on the NHS to fund the treatment, but Weston park Cancer Charity is proudly supporting the treatment by providing the advice and support centre, providing the extra touches and better surrounding on the wards (that go a long way) and funding research for better treatment now and in the future.

They provide additional extras needed to help patients be more comfortable whilst receiving treatment from the monster machines and CT Scanners such as leg holders, back rests and head and neck rests to ensure the patient is as comfortable as possible as a one size fits all approach does not work in these cases.

After having been to Weston Park and experiencing first-hand the lengths this charity goes to in order to support suffers, family and friends I have this need to do more and I hope that you too will help in getting Chase and Holland to its personal target of raising £3500 before the year is out.

If you can help then please follow our link and donate to our fund raising page, or if you would like to visit the charity and experience first-hand the efforts made by all involved then I would definitely recommend getting in touch with Weston Park Cancer Care and arranging a visit.


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