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Bev Findlay Interview

Bev Findlay (nee Hudson) – Director (Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, Finance Division)

Why recruitment and what is it about recruitment you like?

“I came from an operational background working for the likes of Manchester United and Debenhams. These roles included a lot of recruitment especially  the more senior I became. I really enjoyed the recruitment side of my role but couldn’t see myself as an internal recruiter so decided to find a job as an external recruiter. I really love the job; the ups the downs, the different people you meet and the difference you can make as a professional solution provider. Everyone says that their job is different but in recruitment you really do get a lot of variety.”

Why Chase and Holland Recruitment?

“I looked at a number of businesses and have worked for a couple in my career but when Chase and Holland entered the market I kept hearing good feedback and wanted to know more. Since my first meeting, the main things that have stood out are how passionate everyone is in providing a good service and exceeding expectations. Also, Chase and Holland (like me) focus on quality rather than quantity.

I guess our success can be demonstrated by the fact that since joining I have been responsible for growing my team as well as being involved in our new website and office move. At Chase and Holland I like the fact that I am treated like a Manager and feel part of the business not just a number.”

What are the biggest challenges of being a Manager at Chase and Holland?

“TIME – I never have enough! As a Manager I have to make sure I am achieving both my personal objectives and targets as well as making sure my team is developing and achieving theirs. I also really enjoy the constant challenges of growing the business and bringing in the right people.”

What do you look for from your team and new recruits?

“Passion to do a great job and exceed expectations of both clients and candidates. Beyond that as we are a growing business we want people who want to develop.”

So what is your average day?

“You tell me! I don’t remember a day that doesn’t have something different in it. Some things are the same - I get up at 6am and once at work will start the day by sitting down with the team in some capacity. I will then start to work through my ‘to do’ list which will include speaking to clients and candidates. I will usually then attend a couple of meetings which may be to discuss a job with a client or a candidate or to catch up with my contacts. I will probably be back in the afternoon to make more calls and work on my current assignments. I get home at 7.30pm most evenings, have my dinner, review my emails and get ready for the next day.”

Do you have time to do anything other than work?

“I work hard Monday to Friday (when I always try and finish on time) and I pack a lot into my weekends. I do a lot of eating out, seeing friends, going to the gym (not a lot) and spending time in London. I also like holidays and travel as much as I can.”

What makes you successful?

“Four things – determination, hard work, the ability to keep going and building great relationships.”


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