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Lewis McCallum Interview

Why recruitment and what is it about recruitment you like?

I like recruitment because every day is different and your success is totally dictated by you and you alone. You are the master of your own destiny, the writer of your own pay cheque and hard work and determination really pays off. 


Why Chase and Holland Recruitment?

Because it’s 1.5 miles away from my home... Only joking! When moving to Chesterfield I researched a lot of recruitment agencies in the area and Chase & Holland’s values really stood out for me.


What have been your biggest challenges entering a career in Finance recruitment?

Coming from an non-finance recruitment background, learning about the industry and learning all of the acronyms associated with it was difficult at first, but the training helped me understand everything and prepare me fully for speaking with client’s and candidate’s.   


So what is your average day?

My average day consists of speaking with clients and candidates over the phone, resourcing and short listing for my live jobs, meeting candidates and clients face to face and also providing support for candidates who are preparing for interviews.


Do you have time to do anything other than work?

I enjoy playing and watching football and I’m a massive supporter of Liverpool FC.


What makes you successful?

Being ambitious and having clear focus of what I want to achieve helps me to pick up the phone every day and give 100% into everything that I do. 



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