Mike Dias Interview

Why Recruitment and what do you like about it?

“I come from a sporting background where my passion for the last 25 years has been Rugby. Born in South Africa, it was something I just grew up doing and continued to do so after moving to the Isle of Man aged 12. I continued to follow my passion at University (UWIC) now known as Cardiff Met where we had a full time rugby programme giving me the chance to progress and play professionally. My biggest achievement being getting international honours for Portugal where my father was from.

I was lucky enough to have chances to further my experiences playing in Spain and then back to the UK for a season playing in the English Championship. At the age of 28 I started to worry about what I’d do after rugby. I have a few good friends in recruitment who have always tried getting me involved, so after chatting to close friends about their different industries and day to day jobs, it was something that really appealed to me. After careful consideration I made my way back from Portugal for the second time to find work and play semi pro rugby. Everything about recruitment appeals to me - I love interacting with different types of people and felt it’s something that comes naturally to me in terms of building relationships, so it just made sense that I could make money doing what I’m naturally good at. I would say during the process I really do get a sense of achievement finding solutions for clients and candidates. The day to day role itself is also very varied which has made it an easy transition for me from rugby whilst still giving me competition and objectives.”

Mike Dias portrait
"From my first meeting the things that stood out straight away was the working environment and the people in it. After my first interview, I knew this was the place for me...”

Why Chase & Holland and tell us about your career to date with Chase & Holland?

“I looked at several businesses and interviewed for a couple receiving offers. Although after meeting with Ian, Bev and Vikki and hearing about the Chase & Holland culture and where the business wants to go, I was sold.

From my first meeting the things that stood out straight away was the working environment and the people in it. After my first interview, I knew this was the place for me. Maybe not the easiest option in terms of my first recruitment role compared to the others but as a whole package Chase & Holland was the obvious choice. I was proved right straight away with the backing from the senior management but also colleagues around me, with a real sense that everyone in the office wanted you to succeed. Since joining, the support and training given has been second to none with a competitive but very friendly environment. A big drive for me is there is no limit at Chase & Holland everyone wants you to succeed with provided support that you need to do so. Just to back up my statement in my first year I had three pay rises after hitting targets while also hitting my car allowance. Since then like everyone I have had my up’s and downs but always had the backing from the business to succeed. Chase & Holland is something I’m very passionate about and only see me progressing along with the business.

What do you think makes you successful?

“The enjoyment of building relationships and new connections where we can have honest conversations but importantly enjoy that working relationship. My whole life has based around connecting people and something which comes naturally to me. I really believe sport but rugby in particular has given me great values, which have been really easily transferable in this role but also very similar to what we believe here at Chase & Holland.”

So what is an average day like for you?

“It literally depends on the day and what I have got on. I could be out meeting clients or candidates first thing or in the office from around 8:30. Admin is my weakness so if I’m in the office early and don’t have anything urgent to deal with I get that done first so I can concentrate on working on my active jobs. My aim in the morning is to give myself a set plan and work through it. Now that sounds a lot more organised than it is as things happen on the go with this job and that’s something which I really enjoy. It’s rare you can clear your desk in this job so it’s something you have to get in your head and become good at prioritising.

If you could have a super power to help you do your job what would it be and why?

“I would have the ability to fly, because who wouldn’t want to fly”

Do you have time to do anything other than work, if so what?

“I really try to work hard all week and go the extra mile if I need to so that I can finish early on a Friday with the available flex time to me due to hitting targets. I generally make sure I get to work slightly earlier so that when 09:00 hits I’m on it and can get my plan on the way for the day. I do 90% of the time finish in the office around 17:30 but might go home and work if needs be. I do get plenty of time to still play semi pro rugby training Tuesday and Thursday nights and playing on a Saturday so again it’s just managing your time and expectations. If you work hard in the day and are bringing in results Chase & Holland offers you the flexibility to still have a great work life balance.