Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused

I feel like 2020 will be a year that for many of us will be hard to describe without talking about pain and change that we have all felt or seen.

Over the last 25 weeks I have shared what has been happening at Chase & Holland, what we have seen in our sector and what our clients have seen. Each week this has actually been a useful reflective tool for me and the business. Now we are 6 months into this process and starting the 9th month of the year our heads are turning to budgeting and planning for 2021.

Hence the title dazed and confused we are all aware of the sadness that COVID has caused with nearly 900,000 deaths recorded worldwide and still showing little mercy or slowing. We have all heard and probably know about the job losses and areas in the economy that are in real trouble. For many of us if it wasn’t for the furlough scheme, we would be facing even more challenging times.

However, I think most people who know me will know I am an optimist and always look for the positive in every situation (this year has tested that more than most). What I have seen this year is remarkable and gives me renewed faith in so many things. We have squeezed so much change into such a short space of time and not all news is bad.

The automotive industry is looking at a potentially record year despite everything, the housing market is buoyant and on a recent trip to Edinburgh I couldn’t even get a table to eat as everything was fully booked. Like many I know my neighbours better than before and have a real appreciation of my local area. In August Chase & Holland have had an increase in revenue on last year of 14% which is very positive and in addition job flow is getting closer to normal levels.

So with all of this as a backdrop and not forgetting the real Brexit point is looming ever closer how do we budget for 2021? At Chase & Holland I have decided that we need to challenge our business to continue its growth strategy all be it with caution. With the right innovation, people and flexibility I have a renewed optimism that 2021 can be our best yet.

My request to all that read this is to join us in working together to make 2021 an awesome year and to take all the positives from 2020 and use them to our advantages.