Exciting News at Chase & Holland

Exciting News at Chase & Holland

It is easy to get carried away with the negatives of 2020 and to focus on the sadness and frustrations but there have been some real positives. I have mentioned a number over the last few months but kept quiet about some amazing and exciting things that have happened at Chase & Holland.

We have seen Bev Findlay become overall MD for Chase & Holland and doing a great job of keeping everyone together and safe in what have been challenging times.  Mike Dias has joined the Senior Management team this year and is really playing an instrumental role in our direction of travel.

Chase & Holland are also proud to announce our first Chase & Holland baby with Rosie giving birth in October to a beautiful girl called Lola. The only sad news is Rosie will not be working back with us for several months and will be sorely missed, although the cuteness of Lola clearly nearly makes up for that. With this in mind the team under Bev’s direction for Finance in the Leeds & Hull area has been expanded by the addition of Lucy who has moved from our Sheffield team.

We have had Alex Wheatley join our business as a Senior Consultant looking after our HR & Office Support for the Leeds and Hull area. Alex actually comes to us with many years in this market so a lot of you will already know about her service led approach and tireless passion for the job.

If this is not enough we are also delighted to be able to announce that we have just recruited a new member of the Supply Chain and Procurement team who will be joining us towards the end of November and also a new member of the Finance team in Sheffield and Nottingham areas.

So despite all of the tough challenges that we have faced and the team have endured with the rest of the world I am so proud of what has been achieved by Bev and the team. I hope you will join me in looking around your business and teams to write a list of the positives that have happened in 2020 because it is not all bad.