Mental Health is Business Health

Mental Health is Business Health

With the prospect of light at the end of the tunnel, 2021 will hopefully be a year to celebrate despite the journey we still have to travel. For most of us even those of us who consider ourselves mentally resilient the last 10 months have been tiring and we have all found ways of coping or working round the roadblocks in our way.

I am going to share my journey that has allowed me to keep my mental health as robust as possible as now more than ever mental health and business health are one.

I have mentioned in the past about exercise and routine which I think is a massive part of mental health along with good habits so don’t want to cover this in this article. As indeed maintaining a work life balance is equally important and has been covered.

No, the part of my journey to good mental health and therefore good business health I want to share is just that. What I hear you say?

Well over the last 10 months I have been writing down my thoughts and my learnings and although I have not shared all of them, I have shared an amount. I have found it incredibly useful writing my weekly articles and on researching this subject it would appear the power of sharing a story/thought is massive.

In fact, a growing body of evidence points to the mental health benefits of writing down or orally sharing your journey and thoughts. I would take a bigger leap and suggest it has made me a better manager and allowed me to add more value to Chase & Holland. It is with this in mind that I would encourage all of us to take part in this practice and see what impact it has on both your wellbeing and your business health.

I think you will be surprised how much it will help and put you in a great place to get the most out of the coming months. After all this is something we can all do.