Bev Findlay Interview

Why Recruitment and what do you like about it?

“I came from an operational background working for the likes of Manchester United and Debenhams. These roles included a lot of recruitment especially  the more senior I became. I really enjoyed the recruitment side of my role but couldn’t see myself as an internal recruiter so decided to find a job as an external recruiter. I really love the job; the ups the downs, the different people you meet and the difference you can make as a professional solution provider. Everyone says that their job is different but in recruitment you really do get a lot of variety.”

Why Chase & Holland and tell us about your career to date with Chase & Holland?

“I looked at a number of businesses and have worked for a couple in my career but when Chase and Holland entered the market I kept hearing good feedback and wanted to know more. Since my first meeting, the main things that have stood out are how passionate everyone is in providing a good service and exceeding expectations. Also, Chase & Holland (like me) focus on quality rather than quantity.

Bev Findlay portrait
"Everyone says that their job is different but in recruitment you really do get a lot of variety...

Its been a crazy and amazing nearly 10 years!! I started as Business manager and became a Director and Shareholder in 2012. I am passionate to grow the business and was excited to successfully open our new Leeds office last year which is building a great reputation and credibility in the market. I look forward to the next 10 years ahead and continuing to work as part of the board to grow our fantastic business with the right people who have the passion and commitment that we do.

What do you think makes you successful?

Hard work, commitment and persistency. I am passionate and care about what I do, and very much focused on building long term relationships with clients and candidates. I don’t give up and hate letting people down so will do everything I can to get every candidate and client the outcome they are looking for.

So what is an average day like for you?

No such thing as a typical or average day… what it is expected to look like never happens … I have become an expert at juggling balls and very much about supporting my team to ensure they are motivated, happy and successful in what they do. I also continue to manage key accounts and long term relationships with some great businesses.

If you could have a super power to help you do your job what would it be and why?

The ability to pause time and the opportunity to clone PQ candidates or read peoples mind!!

Do you have time to do anything other than work, if so what?

Love my holidays!!! Work very hard so play hard too. Also some fantastic friends and love spending quality time with them… meals out, spa visits & theatre! I also have my nails done all the time as my little treat to myself as I focus most of my energy on others!