Meeting With You

It really is important to meet with you even when you’re not recruiting.

Like we have already said, we are here for the long term! Ideally we like to meet you when you are not recruiting however we appreciate this isn’t always possible so as and when you have a vacancy that you genuinely need to recruit for it is so important that its not just the technical skill set that fits your team - the personality is equally (and sometimes more) important for you!

Likewise, we also think that knowing who is representing you and your business in the market is key.

Therefore by borrowing a short amount of your time, our job becomes so much easier at matching the right person for your role.

Please, never view us coming to see you as a waste of time!

how can we help
How can we help

So why should you use Chase & Holland Recruitment?

  • We have successfully worked on over 7000 vacancies in our sectors.
  • Our consultants spend an average of 4 hours getting to know each candidate before you meet them allowing you to be confident in the candidates be shortlisted.
  • Through looking after our teams we can boast high employee longevity within an industry that has a high average turnover. On average employees stay for 3 ½ years meaning you can build meaningful business relationships.
  • Our consultants go through extensive training including basic sector principles with qualified experts. You will not be dealing with a Chase & Holland Consultant until they have passed through the training program.
  • We operate a flexi culture which means we can operate on your timescales not just our own.