Our audience is changing. Are you?

Our audience is changing. Are you?

Although much of what our audience (candidates) are looking for has not changed, many things have. Now more than ever it is important that you secure the best people you possibly can for your business. It might appear a strange time to think about this when all around us we are being told about an over supply.

Salary increases are still the biggest reason people move roles, although usually not the sole reason. The interesting change is that the 2nd biggest reason now for people moving roles (ahead of location) is flexibility.

When we say flexibility it covers a number of aspects around working patterns. Most people, even before the current crisis were looking for the ability to work from home from time to time. For some it was being able to do different hours to suit life without detriment to business. This desire for flexibility has now become important to just over 1 in 3 people in their next move (35%).

I will admit at Chase & Holland we have had a flexible working policy for a long time now and productivity is up rather than down, so it can be a win, win solution.

3rd on the list of reasons just ahead of career progression is a better location with 1 in 4 putting it down as a reason for moving.

For us it is the rise of flexibility that is interesting as we believe this will become even more important moving forward. Only 10 years ago flexibility was important for 1 in 10 movers.