Exciting things are happening!

Exciting things are happening!

A few weeks ago I talked about how internally we had been looking at locations vs remote working vs technology and debating the ins and outs. Speaking to a number of clients I know we are not alone in this process. In fact I know a number of our clients are looking to make some real efficiencies.

Well I am delighted to report that we are moving further in the direction of locally based teams with centrally based offices at C&H. We have actually just offered employment to a Senior Consultant who will be joining us in September who will only spend 1 day per week in the office (can spend more time if wanted or required).

I believe this is truly an exciting announcement for us for a number of reasons. It means we are finally comfortable that we have got our flexible working policy to a point that allows us to do this. It also means as a business we can genuinely start to reduce our carbon foot print.

As a whole business during July we have been operating on a part time basis in the office and it has actually worked very well. At this stage although I think we will return to working in offices more than currently I am now confident it will not be as much as it was.