Growing with Agility

Growing with Agility

So, 2020 is well and truly gone and 2021 is already more than a month deep (how did that happen!) Many businesses have adapted and become more agile with it. In fact, we have all heard the news recently about many businesses having a healthy balance sheet ready to capitalize on the return to more normal times in Q3 and Q4.

One of the trends we have seen at Chase & Holland as an instrument of agility is the hiring of temporary workers, whether it be to soak up fluctuations in demand or to cover sudden absence. Nationally and local demand for temporary staff has increased over the last 3 months and this is despite the IR35 changes being just weeks away. Within the regions we operate within demand for temporary staff is above the national average. I believe the reason for this is the entrepreneurial spirit of the regions as well as the strong manufacturing and tech base we have.

The reasons for this increased demand are many and varied but the main reason we are coming across are businesses looking to adapt and change with the climate they find themselves in and a temporary worker offers an extremely agile solution. As with any period of adversity businesses tend to look for solutions which often mean either taking in new skills or supporting the current skill base through periods of adaption.

At Chase & Holland we are proud of our temporary solution and have been able to react quickly to help our clients with good quality vetted temporary candidates, across all our divisions. All our temporary candidates come with the necessary skill set for the assignments at hand as well as full relevant checks being carried out and at least 2 references. Many of our temporary workers are known to us through successful completion of several assignments. If speed is important, we have a working interview solution that allows an almost immediate response to any need.

I think over the course of 2021 using a temporary work force for many businesses will be part of a toolbox that allows you to grow in an agile manner in a disruptive market. If you want any advice about any aspect of recruiting temporary staff, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.