We Can All Make a Difference

We Can All Make a Difference

Just Do It, as mottos go I love this, just like I love ours which is ‘Know No Boundaries’. It is a combination of both these slogans that got me thinking about our attitude to what we can all do about the climate crisis.

When I started thinking about being more responsible as a business, I felt overwhelmed and not sure where to start and even worse I was not sure that what we could do would have an impact. It was at this point the first slogan came into play – Just Do It – this prompted me to make a start.

At Chase & Holland it started with the recycling bins, asking people to switch lights off and it has snowballed from there. No real plan, just a desire to create a manageable plan and see where it took us. From those early days we have changed our lighting system, installed an electric car charging point, encouraged less car travel and changed our energy supplier to a green only tariff. We have even changed our toilet rolls to a fully recycled brand! In 2022 we will be having no meat Wednesdays.

This brings me on to our own slogan ‘Know No Boundaries’, because after just doing it we have now got the ambition and impetus to make our business carbon neutral by 2025. It is only at this point that we have now started to work on our own Climate Change plan to do our part as a responsible business for the future. I am writing about this because it is a topic I am passionate about, and I believe no matter how small the things you do, every little makes a difference.

So, I say to all of us, Just Do It and Know No Boundaries as it won’t only make a difference to you and your business it will make you feel good. It doesn’t matter whether you are a carbon neutral business or a business that hasn’t given it any thought, we can all have our own version of knowing no boundaries.