The Trick to Writing an Outstanding CV

The Trick to Writing an Outstanding CV

Standing out from the crowd can be difficult, especially when applying for jobs. There are hundreds of articles telling you how to structure your CV and the majority of them say the same thing. Don’t avoid these articles, they are usually right!

The difficulty a structured CV creates for you is that when you apply for a job, you’re CV will be hard to differentiate from those of applicants from similar backgrounds. Yes, you can add an alternative fault or some bold colours, but it won’t make it different, the words are still the same. To truly stand out, you need to add to your content, but what can you add?

Go Into Detail With Numbers

Anyone with life experience knows that no two jobs are the same. This applies to any job you’ve been in so make sure it shows on your CV. If you can add numbers to something, do it. Instead of just listing a responsibility, ask yourself if its worth including volumes, sizes, ranges or time periods. Some examples have been written below:

  • Processing 200 invoices a week
  • Making orders ranging between £20-100,000
  • Providing weekly and monthly reports to Senior Directors
  • Making up to 45 calls every day
  • Managing a team of 10 employees
  • Responsible for a budget of £2m

Include Things That Weren’t on the Job Spec

Not only is each job different, but your approach will be different too. Chances are, you have done more than the standard responsibilities. Each one of these tasks is something that you have been chosen for or is something that you have chosen to proactively do, either way, it’s going to make you look good. Things you may want to include are projects, improvements you have made and changes you have made. Each thing you add is special to you, and it’s an achievement that only you have. Each one will make you stand out and will highlight how you can add value to future employers .

With these two key points in mind, its time to get editing. Check for spelling errors and start clicking apply. Good luck!