Shoots of Growth & Green

Shoots of Growth & Green

The latest numbers have been released for August and in the world of recruitment we are seeing more good news as permanent recruitment has grown for the first time in the last 6 months. I am still cautious despite Chase & Holland having a great August however, as we appear to be heading towards a new form of lockdown.

Job flow for September so far would suggest we can hope for a full recovery and possibly better as many businesses have now found a way to innovate and find solutions to continue to move towards normal. I must admit, I really feel for many sectors who have had to change beyond recognition to survive and those sectors where it is almost impossible to find a solution (the likes of events companies) currently.

At Chase & Holland we have decided to use our new found way of working to create a central hub for all our locations to work from and to allow us to remain local whilst at the same time being able to embrace all the advantages that the latest technology gives us.

It is with this and the increase in market share that has made us decide to recruit a further two Consultants to add to the Sheffield team. We are looking for a Finance/Accountancy recruiter and also an additional Supply Chain/Procurement recruiter. Both these markets have seen high demand in the last couple of months and before lockdown were on track for record years.

So why tell you guys about this? Well firstly you might know someone you can recommend to us; equally some of our best consultants have previous industry relevant experience. Finally, it is thanks to all of your support that we are able to get our growth plans back on track which in turn will help our local economies thrive.

What do I think makes a great recruiter at Chase & Holland?

  1. Excellent communication and listening skills.
  2. The ability to take a problem away from a client and add value to any process.
  3. Hard work and adaptability.
  4. An interest in what they do and the market that they work in (life is better when you love what you do).
  5. I think our core values/motto summarise it well - Be Passionate. Be Honest. Be Courageous. Know No Boundaries.

So, if you have worked with a consultant who you think is all of the above then me or Heather would love to hear about them. Please contact us in the normal way. Thank you in advance and once again it would be great to get your view on what you think makes a consultant good.