I ate a tin of biscuits

I ate a tin of biscuits

So, a few weeks ago I decided to sign up to an Ironman which is the end of next year. The aim was to give myself some focus on my fitness and food consumption which I had been finding increasingly difficult during the madness of 2020.

Unfortunately, I came off my motorbike recently and twisted my knee which has meant my training has had to be reduced to maintenance rather than proactive improvement. So where am I going with this, I hear you ask? Well the news last Saturday that we were going into a 2nd lockdown tipped me over the edge and I found myself sat on the sofa with a cup of tea and a tin of biscuits, I ate them all.

Firstly, I am going to say it is ok in the current climate to eat a tin of biscuits or whatever your thing is from time to time, just do not make it a habit. However, the most important thing is looking for the positives, solutions in all of this and counting your blessings.

I do not own a pub, or a theatre, or any of the other businesses that face complete horror. I work with a great team who have adapted and changed with real agility. Even my knee is getting better and I can at least cycle!

So why now am I currently so positive? The reason is simple at Chase & Holland we have experienced lockdown once already and we know what we need to do (knowledge really helps). In addition, it has made us look at how we do things even further and I believe come up with a solution for the way we work internally that advances our culture and values even further. I have seen us adapt and progress as a business so much over the last 6 months that I believe it can only be good for the long-term future of Chase & Holland.

So if like me, your reaction was to reach for your version of the biscuit tin I would also encourage you to spend just a little time looking at the positives around you, and the way all our businesses have adapted and evolved in response to the madness of 2020. I hope lockdown version 2 will be easier for most of us and from the team at Chase & Holland I can honestly say we are here to help in any way we can.