The Interview

No matter how well qualified you may seem 'on paper' for a job, when recruiting, an employer will still be interested in your personality and presentation. Indeed with more than one suitable applicant for a role, interview performance is often the deciding factor. This makes the face to face meeting a critical part of the recruitment process and you will need to impress from the start.

A standard interview will generally start with an introductory chat, moving on to questions specific to your application and experience. General information about the company and role may follow, finishing with an opportunity for you to ask your own questions.

First impressions are important. Be smart, punctual and give a warm handshake. Remember to make regular eye contact when speaking (but don’t stare!).

LISTEN to what is being asked of you. Think about your answers to more difficult questions and do not give irrelevant detail. Give positive examples from your experience to date but be concise. Avoid one word answers.

Show your enthusiasm for the role, even if you have some reservations. These can be discussed at a later stage.

Helping you prepare for an interview